How to create enough passive income to quit your J.O.B. in less than one year & make your first $25,433 in 42 days

Introducing The Flip and Flow Formula 

The Flip and Flow Formula is a proven and tested 8 week implementation program that teaches you how to create enough passive income to become financially free in less than one year & make your first $25k in 42 days. 

It doesn't matter if you have never invested in real estate before, have limited capital or don't know where to find any real estate deals.  Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.

Battle tested and proven results

The methods taught in the Flip and Flow Formula have given countless students the ability to experience financial freedom and live life on their own terms.  

Ryan Enk has taught and mentored hundreds of people all over the world how to implement a scalable and passive real estate investing business.  
Just $2,997              

The Perfectly Engineered Real Estate Investing Program
To pursue your true passion and change your life, content is not enough, you need an environment

Mindset | Skills | Strategy

We engineered a new way to think and reprogram your mind that's so profound, it's like seeing for the first time. Successful people take lifetimes to build their mindset for success. We figured out how to install a new paradigm in just weeks.

Accountability and Networking

It's hard to change your life when you're surrounded by the people you've always been with. Our students join a worldwide community of others on the same path so that dreams aren't laughed at but achieved on a daily basis.

Support and Expert Mentorship

Everyone needs help and advice when tackling new challenges but true experts are out of reach for most people. Our students get 24/7/365 access to real estate investing experts on Facebook, weekly Q&A calls and email.

Proven Formula

We turned the unknown gray area of how to get started investing in real estate into a precise science. While others use guesswork, we use a predictable process.  Our system has been used by countless students worldwide. 
Just $2,997              

Program content and schedule
In just 8-weeks we'll help you learn the skills to become financially free with real estate investing in 1 year, here's how:
  • Week 1:   The Million Dollar Real Estate Mindset - Setting your income goals and building the foundation, personality and behavior
  • Week 2:   Finding the Money - Private capital, leveraging unsecured debt financing, leveraging bank financing, marketing to private capital, how to work around bad credit
  • Week 3:   Finding the Deals - The perfect deal avatar, several deal finding strategies, motivated seller marketplaces, deal finding principles 
  • Week 4:   Marketing - Building your buyers list and sellers list, several ways to market to fit your unique personality type, getting a fresh supply of motivated sellers daily 
  • Week 5:   Creative Financing - Buying using creative financing methods, selling using creative methods, arsenal of creative financing techniques 
  • Week 6:   Strategic Implementation - Working the strategy for your situation, wrapping everything together into implementable action steps, your specific investing area
  • Week 7:   Contracts - Contract law, contract template downloadable forms, playing by the rules, attorneys, insurance, taxes, contractors 
  • Week 8:   Negotiating and Scripts - "Selling" the seller, finding the seller's pain, sales techniques for private lenders, how to negotiate creative financing deals

Here's a summary of everything you get
This is not your typical "course". We provide you with everything you need to be successful

The Flip and Flow Formula

-  8 Module Master Class Training Course
-  Special Bonus Courses
-  Community + Weekly Q&A Calls
-  Lifetime access
Just $2,997              

Frequently asked questions and answers
Have a question about the program? Check out our frequently asked questions and answers
Do I need a lot of money to get started with this program?
The techniques I teach in this program are developed for everyone.  While having some money can accelerate the process, it it not necessary if you take what I teach and implement.  When I first got started, I had little to no money so I know what it feels like to be looking at the mountain from base camp trying to take the first step.
Do I need good credit to implement the strategies?
Similar to the question about money, good credit is not necessary to get started and be on the road to implementation immediately.  Plenty of my students didn't have good credit when getting started and they actually are very successful without using banks at all.  
How long till I see results from this training?
So that totally depends on how quickly you work through the training program and how quickly you take action. Some people get contracts binded and start making money within the first week of joining the program, others work their way through slowly and it takes longer.
How is this program different from others?
The Proven Process
I've turned the unknown, gray area of how to build a scalable and quick real estate investing strategy and turned it into a precise science. While others use guesswork, we use a predictable, proven process. We're certain it's going to make you financially free. It's not even up to chance. The only thing that’s up to chance is whether you'll do it or not. We've got a proven process.
A Winning Community
It's hard to change your life when you're surrounded by the same people you've always been surrounded by. But we have a solution to this problem. All of our students join a worldwide community of people on the same path, so their dreams aren't laughed at, but achieved on a daily basis.   Like I mentioned earlier, society gives sympathy to people who have to live most of their life working a 9-5 job, and it frowns upon people that test the status quo. Which is really messed up if you think about it. In our society, our group, we only celebrate the wins from testing the status quo. People who work the endless 9-5 job they don't like have to choose for themselves to become free.  With this program, you will have access to the Facebook group, and you will want to start hanging out in the Facebook group. You can still be friends with the people you're friends with, and you can, of course, keep the same family. I'm not saying you have to leave them or anything. You just need to find a healthy balance between people who believe they can win, and your family and friends. 
Expert Mentorship
Most of the time, it's not a good idea to talk about your dreams and investing ideas in front of people who aren't real estate investors themselves. It will just draw criticism. But how can they judge your dreams and ideas? They're not even in real estate investing.   So, it's probably a good idea to ask investing questions and talk about your dreams with people in our community, and when it comes to hanging out with family and friends, keep those things separate. This way you can keep your mind in the right place and in expert mentorship.  Everyone needs advice and help when tackling new challenges, but true experts are out of reach for most people. You know experts cost a lot of money.   People who give really good advice are expensive, and most of the time they are out of reach. However, I've figured out a way to get expert mentors in touch with ordinary, everyday people in a way that is economical.  That is through our Facebook community and our group calls. I jump in the Facebook group often, and I've got real estate investing experts and coaches who also jump in and help there, too. This is how we can provide expert mentorship to everyone. 
How much time do I need to start investing?  Can I do this with a full time job?
Yes it will work for you, we understand that most people are very busy and have full time jobs, families, commutes and hardly any free time. We designed this program so that you can work through it even if you’re hard pressed for time. You can listen to the trainings while driving, on the bus or even at your job with headphones in. It doesn’t matter what your schedule is like, if you can set aside at least 2 hours per week you will be able to work your way through it.
Even if you can’t start right away…reserve your spot and go at your own pace. These lessons aren’t live, they’re pre-recorded and available online inside our training portal. You can login whenever you want, on your own time and on your own schedule. If you’re asking about the Q&A calls, those are live and, yes we record and archive all of them.
How do I know I can trust Ryan and CashFlow DadLife?
First...I’ve been a real estate investor for 15 years, I’ve lived and breathed it every single day for those 15 years and never deviated. Real estate investing is my thing, it’s my art form. The best way you can judge whether somebody is trustworthy and able to deliver is by their level of commitment to their customers and craft.  I have absolutely mastered my field and bought and sold over 20 million in real estate using my skills, not only that but I’ve been able to transfer my skills to hundreds of other people. You can go to our website,  Not only that but I’ve invested over $1.5m of my own money into making the world's best training program for real estate investors. This is my life's work, my results are proven, my students results are proven. 
Do you have a question that wasn't answered in the FAQ section above?
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  •  8 Module Master Class Training Course
  •  Special Bonus Courses
  •  Community + Weekly Q&A Calls
  •  Lifetime access
Just $2,997           
Just $2,997              
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